A crate of art in safe hands.

Hizkia Van Kralingen provide tailor-made services for works of art. From specialized packaging, transport and installation of fine art to secure, climate-controlled storage. We are also project managers, so all the organizational tasks involved in international lending or relocating a collection are in safe hands with us.

HVK Mini Doc by Oeke Hoogendijk

Watch the Hizkia Van Kralingen Mini Doc by Oeke Hoogendijk, famous for her award winning documentary “The New Rijksmuseum” >

Hizkia Van Kralingen Mini Doc by Oeke Hoogendijk.

We asked Oeke Hoogendijk, famous for her award winning documentary “The New Rijksmuseum”, to make a Mini Doc about Hizkia Van Kralingen. This is the result. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Hizkia Van Kralingen have developed the Turtle: an innovative, safe and sustainable insulated crate with a uniquely flexible system. It is now in use all over the world, from Amsterdam to Tokyo.

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A characteristic Turtle crate.

What makes the Turtle so innovative?

The layout of the Turtle's interior is adjustable thanks to ingenious corner support blocks. One crate can therefore be used for works of art of different sizes, and several works can even be transported in the same one. The crate is also very environmentally-friendly. On average it lasts about ten years and it is completely recyclable.

All over the world famous museums are building up their own collections of Turtles. These crates are available in the Netherlands for rent from Hizkia Van Kralingen.

There is more technical information about the Turtle on www.turtlebox.com.

Please contact us if you have any queries about the Turtle or renting a crate contact Hizkia Van Kralingen.